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El Raton, a tug boat sunk on purpose in 2006 to create an artificial reef. The boat has been cleaned up and the structure has been reinforced to allow safe penetrations by wreck divers.
Entering the water is super easy thanks to a new staircase.
We start our dive in shallow water, where we’ll do our safety stop at the end of it.
Following a pipeline full of life (such as octopus, scorpionfish, nudibranchs, and if you are very lucky seahorses) you will find the wreck lying on its right side at 30 meters of depth.
Big shoals of fish live here –  you can see seabreams and seabass, barracudas, and amberjacks.
It’s definitely worth scuba diving here.
And it’s the perfect ship wreck where to be trained for the Wreck Diving course

Suitable for divers at advanced level. Wreck specialty is required for penetration.

The dive time really depends on your air consumption since we do not define any dive time limits.

10-32 meters


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