GooDiving Internship Program

Are you tired of your work? Do you want to change your life?

Tenerife has the greatest biodiversity in Europe, this means an incredible marine life with more than 20,000 different species.

Surrounded by schools of fish, you can dive with more than 10 different species of Rays and you can see the extremely rare Angel Shark (Squatina squatina). Often we also see dolphins and whales, while going boat diving. The volcanic origin of Tenerife makes the underwater landscape incredible. Each dive is spectacular and unique also thanks to the numerous rock formations and caves.

During this internship, you will reach at least 60 logged dives and have a lot of fun, increasing your divemaster skills and becoming a professional diver.

At the end of your experience, you will be ready to travel the world with the professional you create during our training.

Why join us?

You will work in a youthful and friendly environment with no dive time limits (we love to be underwater!) safely following the NDL.

We chose small groups to focus on the professional we will build together.

You will have the opportunity to gain experience in an high customer service oriented base. This is a crucial skill for a professional diver.

You will have the opportunity to dive in more than 20 different dive sites, a couple of which are a very exclusive housereef where we can observe the most of the angel sharks, atlantic and butterfly rays.

While diving with us, you can gain experience in maintenance of equipment and build expertise about the marine biodiversity that surrounds you, leading to a successful career.

What are you waiting for?

For more information, you may contact us.

*Internship start dates and duration are flexible on your schedules.

What's Included In The Price?

  • SSI Open Water
  • SSI Stress & Rescue Diver
  • SSI React Right 
  • SSI Navigation Specialty
  • SSI Deep Specialty
  • SSI Night & Limited Visibility Specialty
  • SSI Advanced Course FREE Recognition
  • SSI Dive Guide
  • SSI Science of Diving
  • SSI Divemaster
  • Goo Diving t-shirts
  • Diving all around the island from Boat and shore
  • All Digital manuals
  • E-LogBook
  • Minimum of 60 logged dives
  • All Digital Certifications listed above
  • Science of Diving Exam Fees
  • SSI Divemaster professional activation Fees
  • Internship Discount on specialties purchase
  • Working in an international, young and friendly environment earning experience regarding scuba diving and knowledge on marine taxonomy and ecology