Marina San Miguel

Dive Site Map and Information

The area and the overall lava rock formation are so big that we can easily do at least three different dive routes.

There’s a first shallow area that gently drops up to about 16 meters, perfect for beginners. The shallow waters of this site are home to numerous small fish and shellfish. You can also see angel sharks, rays and loads of Barracudas.

Night dives are amazing where it is possible to admire sand conger eels and red octopus, as well as rays, sharks, and moray eels hunting.

During the day it is possible to observe groupers, barracudas, bogues, sea breams and basses, grunts, parrotfishes, cuttlefishes, octopus, moray eels, porcupine fishes and angel sharks, seahorses, stingrays and eagle rays, nudibranchs and ghost shrimps. 

The deeper side sinks up to about 27 meters, its best part is the prismatic rock formation, where a lot of Moray eels,  Anemones, Octopuses and Nudibranchs seek protection.

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