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Las Eras

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Easy entrance from a protected bay thanks to the breakwater wall. Tidal changes can cause the formation of currents and undertow along the wall, This site is not to be underestimated. It is interesting to explore the north side which consists of a natural wall jagged by deep rifts and numerous little caves.
The south side, where there’s a pipeline, has become the home of many juveniles. If you go south, you can find a very big rock surrounded by fishes, and after a few meters a long pipeline where baby scorpionfishes, moray eels, crabs and many more live.
The natural wall on the other side is studded with statues, the most famous is a Buddha at the entrance of a nice swim-through inhabited by big trumpet fishes, sometimes sleepy stingrays and electric rays, morays and porcupines. It drops down to 30 meters, where you can find a strategic spot to observe big schools of bogues with tons of big barracudas hunting together with bonitos, angel sharks and eagle rays.
The width of the northern side offers two different dive-level paths, one between 5 and 16 meters and another that reaches 35+ meters.

Suitable for divers at all levels of experience.

The dive time really depends on your air consumption since we do not define any dive time limits.

3-35 meters

Coastal wall that creates sort of big steps

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