La Caleta

Dive Site Map and Information

This spectacular dive site, one of our favorites, will leave you speechless.

Starting from the shore, we’ll follow the coastal wall until it ends with a drop-off. Descending to around 35 meters we find the entrance of a big cave. It’s just one big room, with an entrance as wide as the whole cave.
This makes its exploration super easy and safe, but at the same time, it’s a memorable thing.
We can observe different species of Moray eels, Stingrays, Nudibranchs, Shrimps, Barracudas, and much much more.
The only small flaw is that to be able to dive there the sea conditions must be really good. It is only favourable when the wind from NE is not too strong.

Suitable for divers at advanced level.

The dive time really depends on your air consumption since we do not define any dive time limits.

2-40 metres

Coastal wall and cave.

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Scuba School International (SSI) dive site: La Caleta (QR code of site 345733)

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