El Poris

Dive Site Map and Information

Its advantageous orientation makes it a practicable dive site almost all year round. A very easy entrance is the cherry on top.
We start the dive perpendicular to the wall, going on the seagrass, looking for the resident turtles, to then head to the natural wall.
Apart from the turtles, there are many possibilities to see Streaked Gurnards (one of the strangest fish you can see while diving), Octopuses, Cuttlefishes, Barracudas, and in the winter period also some Angel Shark.
Along the wall, we are greeted by the statue of a holy Mary.
 The perfect dive site for when the conditions are not great, perfect also for training  

Suitable for divers at all levels of experience.

The dive time really depends on your air consumption since we do not define any dive time limits.

3-18 meters

Artificial wall, natural wall and sandy bottom with sea grass areas.

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