El Espigon North

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Absolutely one of the best dive you can do while you are scuba diving in Tenerife. Unfortunately sea conditions must be really good, otherwise the entry and exit point can be really challenging, because of that is suggested to be experienced divers to scuba dive here.
Starting the dive in the little bay we go north north-east, following the wall. Take your time looking in every hole, you can see a lot of moray eel, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranch, greater slipper lobster.
Don’t stare just the wall, take a look in the blue, you may see tunas passing by, and don’t forget the sand, you can spot a lot of different species of rays, or angel sharks.
As already said, when sea conditions are on our side, really nice and easy spot, scuba diving here is suitable for everybody, but if it is a bit rougher than, you definitely need more experience.

Depending on the sea conditions.

Suitable for everybody with a minimum of 15 dives 

The dive time really depends on your air consumption since we do not define any dive time limits.

5-30 metres

Coastal wall

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