El Bajonito

Dive Site Map and Information

One of the best and one of the closest dive sites. From our marina, in less than five minutes, we reach the anchor point.

The top of this huge rock formation is at around 13 meters, the side facing the coast doesn’t go deeper than 18 meters, the opposite side drops down up to 45 meters. It is possible to observe big shoals of barracudas and roncadores, moray eels of different species, octopus, sting and eagle rays, bonitos and tuna, nudibranchs, dentex and porgies, anemones, langoustines.
There is rarely a mild current. Scuba diving here is incomparable, the amount of marine life will leave you speechless.

Minimum Open Water Diver

Best Deep Diver

13-45 meters or more

Big pinnacle surrounded by sandy bottom.