Abades Second Reef

Dive Site Map and Information

Starting from the first reef heading southeast, we find the second reef of Abades, the wild side of the bay.
Two routes can be done, depending on where we reach the reef.
The first option is to navigate following the coastline, keeping the reef on our left-hand side until we reach an abrupt turn to the left.
There we keep going straight to the other side of the underwater bay, to then restart following the rock, this time keeping them to our right-hand side.
The second option is to reach the reef from the open sea.
Doing that we’ll reach the very end of the reef, from here we just keep it on our right-hand side and explore it on our way back.
Here you can easily see snappers, common dentex, barracudas, and stingrays.
If you are lucky there are also good chances to see angel sharks (in the winter period) and turtles.
Perfect dive spot, suitable for beginners and expert scuba divers.

Suitable for divers at all levels of experience.

5-18 meters

Rock formation surrounded by sand and medows of sea-grass.