Abades First Reef

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We can choose three different easy entrances to begin this beautiful dive.
The dive starts in shallow water, on a sandy area, after a couple of minutes we reach the stunning lava reef surrounded by damsels, wrasses, trumpet fishes and parrot fishes. Look inside every hole, under every rock, you can spot awesome creatures, such as octopus, scorpionfish, nudibranch, crabs or cleaner shrimps.
Don’t ignore the sand, you may see some stingrays, eagle rays, or if you are really lucky also an angel shark. 
At a very short distance from the reef, there’s one of the most important meadows of seagrass in Tenerife.
Which offers protection to all the juveniles that cannot defend themselves yet AND also attracts one of the most iconic animals of this island, the Chelonia mydas, better known as the Green Sea Turtle.
For this reason, the seagrass meadow is also referred to as the Turtle Village. A group of local turtles live there all year long so we can call them by their names already: The oldest and biggest one is the male turtle George, accompanied by a female adult turtle Eva and two juvenile turtles Chiqui and Genevieve. Since the juveniles are not sexually mature yet, their gender is still unknown.
We ask divers to NOT feed the Turtles or try to engage with them by coming too close or even touching them. Simply enjoy observing them in their natural environment. Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but bubbles.
Definitely an excellent dive for both, beginners scuba divers and experts.

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