Abades First Reef

Dive Site Map and Information

We can choose three different easy entrances to begin this beautiful dive.
The dive starts in shallow water, on a sandy area, after a couple of minutes we reach the stunning lava reef surrounded by damsels, wrasses, trumpetfishes and parrotfishes. Look inside every hole, under every rock, you can spot awesome creatures, such as octopus, scorpionfish, nudibranch, crabs or cleaner shrimps.
Don’t ignore the sand, you may see some stingray, eagle ray, or if you are really lucky also the angel shark. Due to the depth, it is not unusual to dive more than one hour.
At a very short distance from the reef there’s one of the most important medow of sea-grass of Tenerife.
This offer protection to all the juveniles that are not able to defend themselves yet AND attracts also one of the most iconic animal of this island, the Chelonia mydas, bettern known as Green Sea Turtle.
Definitely an excellent dive for both, beginners scuba divers and experts.

Suitable for divers at all levels of experience.

3-12 meters

Rock formation surrounded by sand and medows of sea-grass