Master Diver

This program is designed to give divers the opportunity to increase their dive knowledge, experience and safety by learning advanced diving techniques and Stress & Rescue.

Do you want to climb a step to the top? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the other divers in regards to expertise and safety? Step up your limits, become an SSI Master Diver.

Being an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver means to be an Experienced Diver, with at least 24 dives and at least 4 specialties.

We choose to work with small groups to focus on the training of each student. With the completion of this course you will be at the step right before going Pro

Choose 4 specialty programs and complete them together with the Stress & Rescue program and you will receive the SSI Master Diver Recognition Card, along with your SSI Specialty Program Certifications.

Choose the superpowers you’ve always dreamed of:


  • Perfect Buoyancy        (2 dives)
  • Deep                              (3 dives)
  • Navigation                    (2 dives)
  • Wreck                            (2 dives)
  • Fish ID                           (2 dives)
  • Underwater Ecology   (2 dives)
  • Search and Recovery (2 dives)             
  • Photo & Video             (2 dives)

Please note that after one and two or more consecutive dives, a minimum surface interval of respectively 12 and 24 hours are recommended before flying.

Master Diver Price

Master Diver

  • 4 Different Specialties of your choice paying just one certification fee
  • Stress & Rescue course
  • Digital Manuals
  • Scuba Diving Insurance
  • Equipment Rental
    (Special Equipment not included)
  • E-Log Book
  • International Digital Recognition Card

Note: To reserve your place, a deposit through online booking is required. It will cover cancellation fees in case you cancel your scheduled activity in less than 48 hours cancellation notice.

Price is per person and per dive.

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