Divemaster Internships

Are you tired of your job?

Do you want to change your life?

Do flip-flops and t-shirt all year long sound more interesting than suit and loafers?

Make the Ocean be your office.

Tenerife has , the biggest biodiversity in Europe this means an amazing marine life with more than 20.000 different species.

Surrounded by tons of fishes, you can dive with more than 10 different species of Rays and Mantas, you could see the rare Angel Shark (Squatina squatina), originally it was distributed from Scandinavia to northwest Africa, including the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The current distribution is reduced from this historic range as a result of severe population depletion, local extinction, and range contraction. The species is now locally extinct or extremely rare over much of its former range, and it is inferred that almost all of the remaining population is found around the Canary Islands. Its depth range is 5 to 150 m.

We also see often Dolphins and Whales.

Are these reasons not enough to choose Tenerife for your Divemaster Internship?

Ok, we have Wrecks and a lot of caves, since the island is volcanic the landscape underwater is incredible.

Every dive is spectacular and unique.

Now the question is: why should you choose us?

We are young and we didn’t forget what being an Intern means.

We choose two interns at a time to focus on everyone.

We have our own zodiac, this is not common in Tenerife’s Dive Centre. You will have the chance to participate also in boat diving and see different dive sites learning to manage and organize a boat dive.

If you are interested on enriching your knowledge of marine life, our Marine Biologist Roberta will be enthusiastic to share with you all her passion for the Ocean.

If you are interested on equipment knowledge and maintenance our golden hands instructor Andrea can share with you tons of tips.

During these incredible 8 weeks you will reach at least 60 logged dives and will have a lot of fun, boosting your Divemaster skills and making you a PADI Pro.

At the end your experience you will be ready to travel the world with the professional you build up with us.