Why should you PAY for your Internship?
When it comes down to that moment when you are looking for the best Divemaster Internship and they ask you to shell out a bunch of money...and you are wondering...WHY???

3 Reasons why Should You PAY for your Divemaster Internship?

Take our Divemaster Internship is a Life Changing Experience, not only because you will be scuba diving everyday but also because you will be trained to be responsible for the safety of the people that dives with you, getting in touch with happy, active people from all over the World. 

This process is expensive, regardless of which training organization you will choose for your training. 

If you choose an unpaid Internship you will have to expect your work to cover those costs and so to spend a large part of your time generating revenue. If you are wondering how, well...in a diving center there is always a lot to do, from assisting the instructors during pool trying dives to washing and tiding the scuba equipment and of course the terribly boring inventories together with the maintenance check lists. 

Starting to intern in a Dive Center you will soon realize that your experience is not sufficient to contribute as a payed employee and that the scary idea of paying to do it has been probably the best way to ensure a legit internship, with established agreements and the easiest  way to gain quality experience and start building a network of contacts that will help you to realize the career of your dreams.

Invest in the quality of your training will make the difference together with your efforts and your experiences on the professional that you will become.

1. Being a good professional will make your career safer and more satisfying. 

2. In our very competitive field be a good professional will increase the chance to have a job offer together with the number of spoken languages.

3. You will not to create the needed revenue, instead you will be able to optimize your time focusing on your training and then be ready to travel around the world guiding divers underwater.

Ready to rock...Join our Tribe!

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