Best Dive Sites in Tenerife South
What are Tenerife best dive sites?

Here is our dive sites top ten to optimize your bottom time in Tenerife!

Best dive Sites in Tenerife South

Tenerife, the largest island of the Canaries, offers more than 350 kilometers of wonderful coast with an unspoiled underwater natural park inhabited by teeming wildlife.
The mild climate, the water temperature, and the proximity to Europe make Tenerife the perfect destination for land and underwater tourism.
Because the submerged beauty of this island is still a mystery to many, here are our top 10 dive sites, to get the best out of your bottom time.
The undisputed first place goes to Las Eras:
Always taking into account the tidal current, this site is doable every day, whatever the weather conditions are, it will never let you down. With its amazingly wide natural wall full of buzzing cracks and tunnels, Las Eras will indeed please everyone, from macro to maxi lovers. It has often given us surprises such as rare colorful sea slugs, mako sharks, manta rays, or Atlantic rays in childbirth.
Abades is another must-dive of Tenerife:
This Marine Protected Area is available most of the year. Inhabited by a group of green turtles that is possible to observe eating on the seagrass also simply by doing snorkeling. Despite the shallow depth, together with a varied marine fauna, numerous rare species can be observed, like angel sharks, Atlantic rough tail stingrays, bull rays, and electric rays.
A highlight that not everyone knows is El Bajonito:
a huge pinnacle that rises near the coast, full of cracks and little caves where it is possible to find porcupine fish and rays, macro and maxi marine life from nudibranchs, morays, langoustines, and sleeper lobsters. A big school of grunts resides at its feet and often attracts tunas together with the numerous pink snappers and barracudas that characterize this dive.
For all those attracted by the fascination of caves in safety and beyond, La Caleta will not disappoint:
This little-frequented dive site is characterized by the presence of a large cave with an equally large and safe entrance. Good weather conditions are required to comfortably enter and exit the water. On the sandy bottom in a gradual descent where is often possible to spot bonitos hunting and rays. In the numerous cracks that dot the coastline is possible to observe colorful anemones with shrimps, morays, and octopus in abundance.
If you loved the dive sites above, then you can not miss El Espigón:
a mixture of all of them together. Also here a calm ocean is needed to get in and out from the bay that is sheltered from the trade winds. Together with all the animals we already mentioned here lives the undisputed King of the moray eels in his kingdom, a massive brown moray that lives inside the natural wall.
Bocacangrejo is a little known dive site with a challenging entrance from a very small bay:
good weather conditions are required to access this dive spot. Consists of a steep rocky coastline plunging more than 40 meters down into the ocean where it is possible to find tons of nudibranchs and gorgonians. Also here it is possible to find a great variety of rays.
If there are not good weather conditions to let you in, then El Tablado is the answer:
a shallow easy entrance dive site, uncrowded and wild. Here you can dive on seagrass, sandy bottom, and lava wall, encountering all the wild species that characterize these three exclusive environments included sea horses, electric rays, and angel sharks.
Here it comes the best wreck of the island, El Peñon, in Tabaiba:
a 40-metres submerged and reinforced tugboat offering the best of fun and safety for the penetration of this wreck diving. This site is feasible all year round thanks to its sheltered orientation and the easy entrance through a wide anti-slip staircase. Not far from the wreck there is also a nice memorial submerged, that allows you to enjoy two exciting dives surrounded by shoals of fish.
One exclusive site is Marina San Miguel:
Despite the artificial infrastructures of the marina, that makes the logistic of the dives simple, this fantastic dive site is inhabited by a rich marine fauna. A sheltered and illuminated channel leads to a nice reef followed by stunning lava formation and three little wrecks, lying on the sandy seabed. From Atlantic rays to angel sharks and sea horses, this spot can provide unexpected wonders together with the luxury of the facilities of the marina.
Montaña Amarilla has a very unique lunar landscape:
thanks to the presence of fossil dunes, swim-through, and arches it offers a suggestive immersion in a natural monument. There are two main rock formations AKA crocodile rock and alien rock visible from the top of the mountain. The seabed is dotted with garden eels and it is possible to observe rays and angel sharks passing by.
All that remains to do now is to book flights and accommodation and choose where to start.

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