EL BAJONITO El Bajonito Definitely our favorite boat dive site, a huge rock formation in front of our Marina, full of shoals of fishes, Snappers, Porgies, Barracudas, and much more. READ MORE ALIEN ROCK Alien Rock In the bay of the marine protected area Montaña Amarilla there is this easy and stunning dive site with fabulous lava formations that build up a unique landscape, with an amazing Swim-through in front of it, coming back from the dives is possible to spot dolphins, whales and turtles. READ MORE CROCODILE ROCK Crocodile Rock From the top of Yellow Mountain you can see this crocodile rock formation. Under the water this rock makes a swim-through richly populated. READ MORE LOS CHUCHOS Los Chuchos One of the most popular dive site on the island. Here a family of Roughtail Stingrays lives, they can reach 2.5 m and they use to swim around divers as soon as we descend under the water. A big school of Roncadores populate the side of a spur and there is little wreck called Estorne in the sand in front of the coast. READ MORE POCO NAUFRAGIO Poco Naufragio Just to the side of our Marina there is a nice pinnacle full of life that forms a canyon with the wall where we anchor the boat. There are many chances to see Roughtail Stingrays. READ MORE THE STEPS The Steps This dive site is called the steps because of the tipical coastal formations that look like steps. There is some nice Swim-through and the chance to see a lot of sea life. READ MORE MOON POOLS Moon Pools One of the natural pools of the island with a suggestive entrance from the ocean thanks to incredible light games. READ MORE EL CONDESITO El Condesito A commercial boat that was carrying concrete to Los Cristianos crashed the coast around 40 years ago. It’s now lying down in a nice canyon made by prismatic rocks. READ MORE ESTORNE Estorne This Sail Boat was sunk in front of Las Galletas harbour upright at 20m. There is a great deal of life to see, Stingrays, Bream, Roncadores and many Moray Eels hide themselves in the tiny vessel READ MORE LOS ARCOS Los Arcos In front of Las Galletas we find Los Arcos, that means “the arches” thanks to three submerged big arches that create a stunning landscape. READ MORE


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