Meet The Team



PADI and SSI instructor

My natural environment is the ocean!

I am passionate about everything that is under the surface of the ocean and would love to share this passion with each and every one of you.

I worked in Italy, in some of the best diving centres in the Mediterranean, for three years before moving to Thailand to explore, share my love of the ocean and help many students achieve their dream of learning to dive.

When I’m not blowing bubbles and looking for marine life, I am happiest using my magic hands to make even the most capricious equipment work!



PADI and SSI instructor, and Marine Biologist

My love of jellyfish brought me to the ocean which revealed the “paradise that everyone should have a chance to explore”. After working for several years in Italy as a Divemaster, my research as a Marine Biologist took me to Washington DC and Indonesia, however the call of the ocean was too strong! This led me to Mexico where I became a Scuba Instructor and on to the Maldives before returning home to Italy. Ever wonder what that fish is that you just saw on your dive? I can help you identify him! I love nothing more than to share my knowledge of the underwater world with you, making each dive that little bit more special.